Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Part 2

Part 2 of my project i there will be 3 more total 5 but this shit took all day again my back be hurtin an shit



MR.freshness said...


vdog said...

hmmm that looks like a painting by Mondrian...but I could be wrong.

KnUcKleHeAd Kid said...

noo you are 100% correct it's a project we are doing for architecture .

vdog said...

lol sweet!

I'm studying art history right now, and we're studying art movements that took place in America during the 1900's. Mondrian was one of the artists we just studied!

vdog said...

Whoopi vs Silent Bat
^^def friends of mine! lol
The links to their blogs are on my page under 'linkage'.

^^the link to the first film, the sequel is coming out sometime this month.